Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning and Hindsight Experience Replay
New environments: dynamic goal environments

Rethinking Goal-Conditioned Supervised Learning and Its Connection to Offline RL
Rui Yang, Yiming Lu, Wenzhe Li, Hao Sun, Meng Fang, Yali Du, Xiu Li, Lei Han, Chongjie Zhang
In ICLR 2022

Curriculum-guided hindsight experience replay
Meng Fang, Tianyi Zhou, Yali Du, Lei Han, Zhengyou Zhang
In NeurIPS 2019

DHER: Hindsight experience replay for dynamic goals
Meng Fang, Cheng Zhou, Bei Shi, Boqing Gong, Jia Xu, Tong Zhang
In ICLR 2019
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