Master Thesis
Reinforcement Learning

Guiding Simultaneous Move Monte Carlo Tree Search via Opponent Models
Obada Aljabasini, 2021
Co-supervised with Dr. Hendrik Baier (CWI) and Dr. Michael Kaisers (CWI)

GViZDoom: A Benchmark for Generalization of FPS Games in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Tristan Tomilin, 2021

Natural Language Processing

An Empirical Study on Dynamic Curriculum Learning in Information Retrieval
Chen Qian, 2021

Sentiment extraction and analysis from customer requests for online stores
Tong Zhao, 2022
Co-supervised with Otteran Ludachris (Otrium)

Textual Adversarial Attack with Label Preservation
Yibin Lei, 2022

SmallBPR: Parameters Sharing for Binary Passage Retriever
Zhiyao Li, 2022


Synthetic data generation for product recognition
Adithya Dinesh Rao, 2021
Co-supervised with Dietwig Lowet (Philips)

Whole-slide Image Classification in Digital Pathology using Deep Learning
Paul Pham, 2021
Co-supervised with Dr. Mitko Veta (TU/e) and Nikolas Stathonikos (UMC Utrecht)